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  This site curates position papers and other documents focused on the theological conversation in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod on the Office of the Ministry, its interaction with the service of ministry leaders, and the “priesthood of all believers.” As you read through the posts in chronological order, this site also provides a type of timeline from the last few years on the discussion of the ministry of licensed lay deacons (LLD) in the NOW District of the LCMS, and beyond.

Identifying, training, and authorizing men for Word and Sacrament ministry is a topic of ongoing conversation in the LCMS. This includes the relevance and use of supervised, licensed lay deacons (LLD).

Our goal is to provide a place where this topic can be accessed to support a collegial discussion across the LCMS.

Read the “President’s Note” Above

  • If you haven’t done so already, click the menu item “President’s Note” found above and read both letter’s (2019 and 2016 in reverse chronology) to the workers and congregations in the NOW District.
    • The first letter is the most recent, and provides an updated summary of activity in a dissent process led by the Board of Directors of the NOW District, culminating in a document provided for dialogue across the LCMS titled, “Workers for His Harvest.”
    • The second letter highlights the original reason for this website, launched in 2016.

Check Out “Workers For His Harvest” (the main portion of this site)…

  • Click the menu item above titled “Workers For His Harvest.”  You will find a series of posts with associated documents.  This is the main portion of this site.  Though they are not in complete sequential order based on date of publication, we suggest you start at the bottom of the page (click the button titled “older posts” to get to the very beginning) and scroll up for the most helpful way to read.
  • New posts will show up at the top, as they become available.

Watch To Your Right …

  • You will find a number of videos providing insight into the discussion, as well as context on the discussion thus far.

Why are Comments Turned Off?

  • In the interest of collegiality and supporting dialogue, we hope that you will find ways to share these resources with others and discuss them in a substantial way.  We find this happens best in other formats besides the comment section of a website.

If you have a resource you think is appropriate to this discussion…

  • Please contact us at presoffice@nowlcms.org