NOW District, “Guidelines for Licensed Lay Deacons” Manual for LLD Licensure Process in the NOW District

The Northwest District has a requirement for licensure of lay deacons that involves a number of important markers (the following list is a summary and does not cover all required documents and paperwork, please see the “Guidelines” document below):

1. Congregation-determined need,

2. Training (for a full description go to,

3. An interview by, or on behalf of, the District President,

4. Supervision by an ordained M.Div. pastor that includes regular, agenda-driven meetings,

5. An annual continuing education (CE) requirement, and,

6. Annual re-licensure based on an updated ministry description provided by the congregation in consultation with the LLD and Supervising Pastor.

The guidelines for this process have been available publicly on the NOW District Website Deacon Ministry Resources for a number of years; we provide them here as part of the collection of LLD resources.

Click Here for Northwest District Guidelines for LLD Ministry (includes description of process, paperwork, documentation, and CE requirements)