Read Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina (IELA) Seminary Faculty Position Paper on Ministry (July, 2016)

Click Here to Read IELA Seminary Faculty Position Paper on Ministry (July, 2016)

In this publicly available document translated into English, the faculty of Seminario Concordia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, provide their position in response to a growing trend within their church body.  Included at the end are letters of support from the Presidents of Lutheran Churches in Brasil, Guatemala, and Argentina.

Why share this document on this website, originally focused on issues regarding Licensed Lay Deacons?  As the reader will find out in the position paper provided by the IELA Seminario Concordia faculty, there is an important discussion going on in the wider global Lutheran church about the nature of the Office of the Public Ministry, the Priesthood of All Believers, and the role of the Lutheran Confessions and Scripture in determining ministry practice within different cultures and contexts.